Some Spiritual Lessons Learned in London

Prayer Room - John Wesley House - London UKEpisode 90 centers on a discussion of four lessons in living the Christ life which the host learned from touring several sites in London which have deep roots in Christian history. The four lessons point to the importance of (1) Sacred Space and Time; (2) Disciplined Practice of Word and Prayer; (3) Living the Christ life well despite times and circumstances; (4) Planning and Organizing the work which God
Thomas Becket Memorial at Canterbury Cathedralhas given us to do.

Links to some entries from the School of the Solitary Place blog concerning how all this started and recaps of the visits of two London sites (Wesley’s house & chapel; St. Giles Cripplegate) can be found here, here, here

Links to webpages for Restoring The Core which speak in more detail about the London trip can be found in the following

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Another Canterbury Tale, Part 5

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Another Canterbury Tale

Thomas Becket Memorial at Canterbury CathedralIn Episode 67, we will be recounting visits to the reconstructed Globe Theatre in London as well as to Canterbury Cathedral.

Link to Leland Ryken’s article on Shakespeare and the Geneva Bible can be found here

Links to stories about a real-life enactment of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales arranged by Henry Eliot can be found here and here

Link to a You Tube video with a brief introduction to Canterbury Cathedral can be found here.

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Christian Treasure in London – Part 2

Chapter House of Westminster AbbeyIn Episode 65, we will explore my wife’s and my trip to Westminster Abbey and discuss the significance of its history and the significance of the events which happened there. Photo is of the inside of the Chapter House.

Link to Westminster Abbey web site can be found here

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Bunhill Fields

bunyangrav2In Episode 54, we will be discussing the history and significance of a cemetery in London known as Bunhill Fields.

Link to the City of London’s official website for Bunhill Fields can be found here

Link to Christian Classics Ethereal Library for John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” can be found here

The enclosed picture is of the grave of John Bunyan at Bunhill Fields.

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The Journal of John Wesley

john-wesleyIn Episode 19, we will be discussing Chapter 2 of the Journal of John Wesley.

Link to a pdf of Wesley’s journal here. 

Link to pdf of Martin Luther’s Preface to his commentary on the book of Romans here.

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