Some Thoughts on the Asbury Revival

This episode contains some thoughts about an extraordinary church service known as the Asbury Revival of 2023. This episode contains some thoughts on criteria which could be applied to seek to determine the genuiness of this revival. It also contains discussion of some parallels between what is happening in Asbury in 2023 with a series of revivals which swept the English-speaking world starting in 1857.

Much of this episode is an exploration of an article found in the January 2007 edition of the Evangelical Review of Theology. The article, entitled “Prayer Revivals and the Third Great Awakening” can be found here


A Very Memorable Reading of Scripture

Episode 122 is a post concerning what may be the largest public reading of Scripture ever held. This is a brief retrospective on the special Christmas Eve broadcast held by the astronauts of the crew of Apollo 8, humanity’s first voyagers to the Moon.

The photograph known as Earthrise was taken by the crew of Apollo 8. It shows the remarkable contrast between blue and white ball which we call home with the stark grey desolation of the Moon.