A Prayer for Deliverance from the Coronavirus

Episode 115 is the audio of a prayer written by Pete Greig and the 24-7 Prayer Movement (www.24-7prayer.com). #prayer #coronavirus

A pdf of the written prayer can be found here

Are You Willing To Accept Grace?

Episode 114 presents us with a question and a challenge. Are you willing to accept grace?

Comfort from the Psalms – Psalm 23

Episode 113 is a personal reflection on the treasure we find in Psalm 23;

The Gospel Coalition has a great article on two ways of life: Psalm 23 and the Anti-Psalm 23


Restore Our Souls

In this episode, Walt and Zack discuss the meaning behind the brief prayer “Restore Our Souls.”

Some Thoughts About Biblical Literacy

This episode centers on a discussion of some factors in promoting biblical literacy for ourselves and others.