Are You Willing To Accept Grace?

Episode 114 presents us with a question and a challenge. Are you willing to accept grace?

Comfort from the Psalms – Psalm 23

Episode 113 is a personal reflection on the treasure we find in Psalm 23;

The Gospel Coalition has a great article on two ways of life: Psalm 23 and the Anti-Psalm 23


Restore Our Souls

In this episode, Walt and Zack discuss the meaning behind the brief prayer “Restore Our Souls.”

Some Thoughts About Biblical Literacy

This episode centers on a discussion of some factors in promoting biblical literacy for ourselves and others.

The Need for Identity in Christ in every generation

My son Zack joins me on Episode 110 to discuss the need to find identity in Christ in every generation, including his and mine. Every generation of believers must come to understand who we are in Christ. This episode is intended to be an encouragement, particularly to the Millennial generation, to not let something or someone other than Christ set the agenda for you to define who you really are.