The Central Importance of Prayer in Christian Spiritual Formation

Woman-praying-at-churchIn Episode 75, we will be discussing the central importance of prayer in Christian Spiritual Formation as well as some suggestions about starting or deepening a life of prayer in Christ.

Link to Episode 15 of the Finding Hidden Treasure which discusses the Puritan Practice of Meditation can be found here

Link to Amazon for hardcopy version of the official 1662 Book of Common Prayer can be found here

Link to Ligonier Ministries for a hardcopy of a collection of Puritan prayers known as “The Valley of Vision” can be found here. 

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Bunhill Fields

bunyangrav2In Episode 54, we will be discussing the history and significance of a cemetery in London known as Bunhill Fields.

Link to the City of London’s official website for Bunhill Fields can be found here

Link to Christian Classics Ethereal Library for John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” can be found here

The enclosed picture is of the grave of John Bunyan at Bunhill Fields.

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