Further Excerpts from Communion With God by John Owen

john-owenThis minisode centers on the reading of an excerpt from John Owen’s “Communion With God” in which Owen beautifully lays out the reasons for our being accepted by God in Jesus Christ.

Link to an article by Banner of Truth concerning John Owen and Communion With God can be found here

Link to the Banner of Truth website through which Communion With God can be purchased can be found here

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Bunhill Fields

bunyangrav2In Episode 54, we will be discussing the history and significance of a cemetery in London known as Bunhill Fields.

Link to the City of London’s official website for Bunhill Fields can be found here

Link to Christian Classics Ethereal Library for John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” can be found here

The enclosed picture is of the grave of John Bunyan at Bunhill Fields.

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The Parable of the Hidden Treasure

parable-hidden-treasureIn our 50th episode, we will be looking at the parable of the Hidden Treasure given by the Lord Jesus and recorded for us in Matthew 13 verses 45 to 47.

A link to a great collection of commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew can be found through Precept Austin.

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Finding Hidden Treasure – Episode 1 – The Glory of Christ

Welcome to my new website and to my new podcast “Finding Hidden Treasure.” In these podcasts, I hope to share with a wider audience some of the treasures of Christian literature and media which tend not to get a lot of attention.

The first episode is on the book “The Glory of Christ” by John Owen. You can link to Amazon to get the Banner of Truth Trust version which I read from during the program.

Glory of Christ book on Amazon

There is also a great three program biography on the life of John Owen for those who may be interested in knowing more about the background of his life

Theology Network podcasts on the life of John Owen

 To listen here, click on the player just below.

Hope you find this first episode of “Finding Hidden Treasure” to be useful for your growth in the faith.