Christian Spiritual Formation – Fellowship In the Past Tense

westminster-abbey-interior-1197241954In Episode 77, we explore the concept of Christian fellowship in the past tense. We discuss the role which those who have died in the faith of Christ before us have played and the legacy which they have left us.

Link to an image of Rembrandt’s Supper at Emmaus from the Louvre can be found here

Link to a podcast episode featuring A.W. Tozer and a brief audio recording of him can be found here

Link to a podcast episode on Leonard Ravenhill can be found hereĀ 

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Another Canterbury Tale

Thomas Becket Memorial at Canterbury CathedralIn Episode 67, we will be recounting visits to the reconstructed Globe Theatre in London as well as to Canterbury Cathedral.

Link to Leland Ryken’s article on Shakespeare and the Geneva Bible can be found here

Links to stories about a real-life enactment of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales arranged by Henry Eliot can be found here and here

Link to a You Tube video with a brief introduction to Canterbury Cathedral can be found here.

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