Holiness by J.C. Ryle

In Episode 13, we will be discussing the book Holiness by J.C. Ryle.

Hardcopy book available through Amazon here

Various electronic formats for the book here

Free complete audio book from Still Waters Revival Book using Sermon Audio here

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Thanksgiving Proclamations

In Episode 12, we will discuss a Thanksgiving Day proclamation issued by President George Washington in 1789. We will also discuss a proclamation for prayer and fasting issued by President John Adams in 1798.



Links to the Pilgrim Hall Website

Early Presidential Proclamations: https://www.pilgrimhall.org/ThanxProc1789.htm

Later Presidential Proclamations: https://www.pilgrimhall.org/ThanxProc.htm

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The Didache

In Episode 11, we will discussing a document from the very early church called the Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles, or known more simply as the Didache.

Like the sunken Titanic, it was thought that this document was lost to history. However, just as the wreckage of the Titanic was found in 1985, a complete text of the Didache was discovered in 1873 within an 11th century book. In the manner of a good Sherlock Holmes detective story, the Didache offers interesting clues about the community of early Christians by whom and for whom it was written.

A link to the Didache page of the Early Christian Writings website can be found at https://www.earlychristianwritings.com/didache.html   

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A One Minute Prayer for the Nation

In Episode 10, we will be discussing a one minute prayer for the nation at 9:00pm.

Link to the Returned Soldier Association of New Zealand here

Links to School of the Solitary Place entries on One Minute Prayer here and here

Link to Michael Haykin’s blog entry on John Sutcliff’s Prayer Call of 1784 here

Link to School of the Solitary Place entry about the Fulton Street Revival of 1857 here

Link to article about the Irish Revival of 1858 here

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The Memorial of Blaise Pascal

In Episode 9, we will be discussing a document written by Blaise Pascal in which he describes his thoughts and emotions on the night of his conversion in 1654.

A link to an English translation of the Memorial can be found here 

A link to an online version of Pascal’s Pensees can be found here

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