Visitations of Grace

This is a photograph of William "California" Taylor
William “California” Taylor

In Episode 22, we will be further exploring the revivals which happened in the English-spealing world in the late 1850s into the 1860s.

Link to website with Visitations of Grace by B.J. Poole-Connor here

Link to my article on the 1850s revivals here

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A One Minute Prayer for the Nation

In Episode 10, we will be discussing a one minute prayer for the nation at 9:00pm.

Link to the Returned Soldier Association of New Zealand here

Links to School of the Solitary Place entries on One Minute Prayer here and here

Link to Michael Haykin’s blog entry on John Sutcliff’s Prayer Call of 1784 here

Link to School of the Solitary Place entry about the Fulton Street Revival of 1857 here

Link to article about the Irish Revival of 1858 here

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