Prayer Revivals and the Third Great Awakening – Part 2


Episode 92 is Part Two of a serialization of the article “Prayer Revivals and the Third Great Awakening” published in the Evangelical Review of Theology in January 2007. In this episode, an account of the revivals in Wales, Scotland, England and Australia is given.

A link to a downloadable pdf of “Prayer Revivals and the Third Great Awakening” can be found here

The autobiography of William Haslam, one of the revival leaders in England, is entitled CaliforniaTaylor01“From Death Into Life”. My podcast on William Haslam is Episode 14 of Finding Hidden Treasure. A link to the webpage can be found here

The upper photograph is of William Haslam; The lower photograph is of William “California” Taylor.

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Visitations of Grace

This is a photograph of William "California" Taylor
William “California” Taylor

In Episode 22, we will be further exploring the revivals which happened in the English-spealing world in the late 1850s into the 1860s.

Link to website with Visitations of Grace by B.J. Poole-Connor here

Link to my article on the 1850s revivals here

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