A Reflection on the Value of Reading Christian Books

Thomas Goodwin

Episode 104 features a discussion on the value of reading Christian books, especially for those who are participating in the Year of Biblical Literacy. The discussion makes reference to a number of writings; Links are below

The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin



Donald Whitney

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney





Jen Wilkin

How Much Should I Study Doctrine? by Jen Wilkin







Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards





Memoir of Thomas Watson by C. H. Spurgeon


My Hourly Prayer – Excerpts from a sermon by C.H. Spurgeon

spurgeonIn this minisode, excerpts are read from Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s 1882 sermon based on Psalm 119:117 entitled “My Hourly Prayer”.

Link to a free pdf of this sermon from the Spurgeon Gems sermon archive can be found here

Player and Download Links are below

Christian Spiritual Formation – Fellowship In the Future Tense

Harajuku-Protestant-ChurchIn Episode 78, we will explore some ideas concerning how to have Christian fellowship with those who come after us in the future.

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Christian Treasures in London – Part 5

Metropolitan Tabernacle of London InteriorEpisode 68 is the fifth and final episode of our exploration of Christian Treasures in London. In this episode, we explore the history of the Metropolitan Tabernacle and the Tower of London.

Link to the Metropolitan Tabernacle website is found here

Link to the Tower of London website
Arundell Graffito Translation
is found here

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The Still Hour – Part 2

austin phelps2Episode 59 is Part 2 of our exploration of the 19th century devotional classic “The Still Hour” by Austin Phelps.

Part 1 can be found here

Link to a pdf of the 1885/1893 publication of “The Still Hour” can be found here

Link to Amazon for a hard copy of “The Still Hour” can be found here

Link to an 1860 sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon making mention of this book can be found here

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