A Reflection on the Value of Reading Christian Books

Thomas Goodwin

Episode 104 features a discussion on the value of reading Christian books, especially for those who are participating in the Year of Biblical Literacy. The discussion makes reference to a number of writings; Links are below

The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin



Donald Whitney

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney





Jen Wilkin

How Much Should I Study Doctrine? by Jen Wilkin







Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards





Memoir of Thomas Watson by C. H. Spurgeon


The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

220px-jonathan_edwards_engravingIn Episode 17, we will be exploring the Resolutions of the 18th century pastor and theologian, Jonathan Edwards.

Link to a pdf of Jonathan Edwards Resolutions can be found here

Link to the works of Thomas Manton, whose 27th sermon on Psalm 119 is mentioned in the Resolutions can be found here

A link to the Cripplegate blog which reviews and summarizes Edwards’ 70 Resolutions can be found here.

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The Personal Narrative of Jonathan Edwards

In Episode 7, we will be exploring an autobiographical essay by Jonathan Edwards called The Personal Narrative.

A link to the text of the Personal Narrative can be found here

In addition, I’ve included a link to the Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards which can be found here

The program can be played or downloaded using the Player Button and links just below.