21 Quotes in 21 Centuries – 15th Century

Thomas-a-KempisThe Ides of March has come but it will not go until we visit a devotional writer of the 15th century whose book “Imitation of Christ” is the all-time best selling Christian writing after the Bible.

“At the Day of Judgement we shall not be asked what we have read but what we have done.”  Thomas à Kempis

A Silence and Solitude Sampler

Thomas a KempisIn Episode 69, we explore two Christian devotional works which teach us about the value of silence and solitude in our daily lives, namely, the 15th century text “Imitation of Christ” and the 19th century text “Morning and Evening.”

Link to “Imitation of Christ” by Thomas A Kempis at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library can be found here.

Link to “Morning and Evening” by Charles Haddon Spurgeon can found here.










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The Hidden Treasure of Silence

snowfall_in_brixtonIn Episode 42, we will discuss the hidden treasure of the gift of silence.

Link to Donald Whitney’s chapter on Silence and Solitude from Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life can be found here

Link to JoHannah Reardon’s article on Silence and Solitude from Christianity Today can be found here

Link to Sister AnneMarie Walsh’s article on the healing power of silence can be found here

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