Hearts Sweetly Refreshed – Part 2

NPG D29750; Isaac Ambrose after Unknown artistIn Episode 33, we conclude our discussion of the article: “Hearts Sweetly Refreshed”: Puritan Spiritual Practices Then and Now” by Tom Schwanda.

Link to the article at Reformed Spiritual Network here

Link to Dr. Tom Schwanda’s doctoral thesis on Isaac Ambrose (in pdf) here

Link to article on Union WIth Christ by Michael Horton here

Link to lectures 1 and 2 on Union With Christ by Mike Reeves of Theology Network in the UK here

Link to lecture 3 on Union With Christ by Mike Reeves of Theology Network in the UK here 

Link to “sampler” book on how other Puritans saw Union With Christ in the Song of Songs (The Love of Christ by Richard Sibbes) on Amazon here

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The Puritan Practice of Meditation

In Episode 15, we will be discussing the article “The Puritan Practice of Meditation” by Dr. Joel Beeke.

“The Puritan Practice of Meditation” article can be found here (On the website server by permission of Dr. Joel Beeke.                                                        

The graphic is of Puritan minister Thomas Manton.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life (links below for hardcopy and audio book      

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