Spiritual Counsel from George Müller on Nourishing The Soul

George_MullerThis minisode features the reading of an excerpt from the autobiography of the 19th century pastor, evangelist and orphanage founder George Müller. In this reading, George Müller gives his spiritual advice on how to nourish one’s soul, namely, on the meditating on the Word of God.

A link to this excerpt can be found here at Bible.org.

A link to a pdf detailing the devotional life of George Müller can be found here.

A link to John Piper’s lecture on how George Müller’s strategy for showing God can be found here from DesiringGod.org..

The Life and Legacy of George Müller – Part 2

George_MuellerIn Episode 49, we will conclude our look at the life and legacy of the 19th century pastor and missionary, George Müller.

A link to part 1 of our exploration of the life of George Müller can be found here

John Piper’s lesson (text and a link to an audio download) from the Desiring God website can be found here

A free downloadable audio of George Müller’s book Answers To Prayer can be found here

Several e-book formats of Answers To Prayer from Project Gutenberg can be found here

A hardcopy book of Answers To Prayer from Christian Book can be found here

A pdf of the very helpful Appendices section of Answers To Prayer can be found here

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The Life and Legacy of George Müller – Part 1

George_MullerIn Episode 47, we will begin a two-part exploration of the life and legacy of the 19th century pastor and missionary George Müller.

A link to the complete, free audio book of George Müller’s “Answers To Prayer” can be found here on the Librivox website..

A link to the complete text of “Answers To Prayer” in various electronic formats can be found at Project Gutenberg’s web site here.

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