21 Centuries in 21 Quotes – 21st Century

The march concludJohn Piperes today as we have arrived back in the 21st century. Our writer is still active in promoting the cause of Christ and teaching others about desiring God:

“I am wired by nature to love the same toys that the world loves. I start to fit in. I start to love what others love. I start to call earth “home.” Before you know it, I am calling luxeries “needs” and using my money just the way unbelievers do. I begin to forget the war. I don’t think much about people perishing. Missions and unreached people drop out of my mind. I stop dreaming about the triumphs of grace. I sink into a secular mind-set that looks first to what man can do, not what God can do. It is a terrible sickness. And I thank God for those who have forced me again and again toward a wartime mind-set.”   John Piper, Don’t Waste Your Life

The Life and Legacy of George Müller – Part 2

George_MuellerIn Episode 49, we will conclude our look at the life and legacy of the 19th century pastor and missionary, George Müller.

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