Living A Christ Focused Life – Episode 116

Finding Hidden Treasure returns after a long absence. Episode 116 is a discussion of how easily we are distracted. The 17th century theologian and philosopher Blaise Pascal observed how we are distraction-seekers, even to our own hurt. The discussion looks at some modern examples of this. It concludes by encouraging us to recognize our capacity for self-distraction and to seek to live a Christ-focused life.

This podcast is also in video format. It can be found at the Finding Hidden Treasure You Tube channel. The video can be found here.

The link to the article “What Is the Gospel?” from Ligonier Ministries can be found here.

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Finding Ways To Focus On Christ – Part 2

Focus on ChristIn Episode 63, we will conclude our two-part exploration of finding ways to focus on Christ.

A link to Maggie Jackson’s book: “Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age” on Amazon can be found here.

A link to David Wells’ book “God In the Whirlwind” on Christian Book Distributors can be found here.

Articles on mindfulness from a Christian perspective:

Mindfulness as known by the Church Fathers” – Antiochan Orthodox Church of North America

“Mindfulness and Christian Devotional Meditation” – Society for Christian Psychology

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Pensees by Blaise Pascal

pascalIn Episode 38, we will be exploring the book “Pensees” (French for “thoughts”) by the 17th century scientist, mathematician and theologian Blaise Pascal.

Link to several e-book formats of Pensees in addition to free mp3 files of the book at Christian Classics Ethereal Library can be found here.


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The Memorial of Blaise Pascal

In Episode 9, we will be discussing a document written by Blaise Pascal in which he describes his thoughts and emotions on the night of his conversion in 1654.

A link to an English translation of the Memorial can be found here 

A link to an online version of Pascal’s Pensees can be found here

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