21 Quotes from 21 Centuries – 10th Century

Hrotsvitha_of_GandersheimOur march through church history takes us to Gandersheim in the modern Lower Saxony in Germany. There we find Hrotsvitha, a member of the religious community at the Benedictine abbey. This tenth century woman is the first known playwright in Christian-era Europe. Her efforts were directed at writing plays similar in style to the old Roman plays but with a Christian difference.

Hrotsvitha wrote about her talents as a poet and playwright in the following quote:

“…this alone I strive for with humble and devoted heart /—even if aptitude is
lacking on my part—/ that I may return the gift I received to its Giver again. /
For I am not such a lover of myself nor so vain / that in order to avoid censure
I would refrain / from preaching Christ’s glory and strength as it works
through His saints to the extent He grants me the ability to do so.”