A Biblical Moonshot – The Quest To Complete Biblical Translations

This minisode centers on discussing some parallels between the space race to the Moon in the 1960s with the effort to complete the quest to translate the Bible into all known languages by 2025, only seven years from now.

One major contributor to this is The Seed Company, a part of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Please pray for their efforts and support them financially if you can.

A link to a video of U.S. President John Kennedy’s speech to Congress in which he lays out his goal of an American lunar landing can be found here.

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Rethinking Quiet Time

Episode 105 centers on a discussion of re-thinking the devotional practice of Quiet Time. While supporting the essence of what Quiet Time seeks to do (spend time with God in Bible intake, prayer and reflection/meditation), it challenges a legalistic and rigid approach to conducting a Quiet Time. This post developed from my thinking about an article by John Grayston, formerly of Scripture Union in the United Kingdom and his thoughts about biblical illiteracy and the future of quiet time.

Link to John Grayston’s article is here

Link to article The Problem with Quiet Times which explores other similar practices 

School of the Solitary Place articles on Freedom From Quiet Time Guilt  Part 1  Part 2

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A Reflection on the Value of Reading Christian Books

Thomas Goodwin

Episode 104 features a discussion on the value of reading Christian books, especially for those who are participating in the Year of Biblical Literacy. The discussion makes reference to a number of writings; Links are below

The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin



Donald Whitney

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney





Jen Wilkin

How Much Should I Study Doctrine? by Jen Wilkin







Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards





Memoir of Thomas Watson by C. H. Spurgeon


Year of Biblical Literacy – Bricks Without Straw – Reflection on Exodus 5

Episode 103 is a supplemental podcast for the Year of Biblical Literacy. It is a reflection on the implications of Pharaoh’s command to the Israelites to manufacture bricks but to do so with straw which they find, not already supplied. Just as the Israelites were being commanded to do more with less to take their focus off God and onto Pharaoh, how should Christians think and act today while living in a culture which demands more time and attention from us? Some ideas about how to recognize this and work through it in Christ are provided within the podcast.

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Year of Biblical Literacy: A Call To Action

Episode 102 announces a new effort by the Restoring The Core Initiative to engage in an online version of the Year of Biblical Literacy. The crisis of biblical illiteracy within the church has not gone unnoticed in recent years. This episode contains a “Call To Action” to encourage and exhort our fellow believers in Christ to enter into a deeper knowledge. understanding and appreciation of the Bible, the Written Word of God, to strengthen our relationship with God in Christ, the Living Word of God.

Our Year of Biblical Literacy is patterned on similar initiatives by Reality Church San Francisco and Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon. Our version is customized to be a web-only project.

Our quest begins on Sunday, July 1st 2018 and concluding on Sunday, June 30th, 2019. The Year of Biblical Literacy will structure our involvement with the Bible on four distinct levels

1.Individual; 2.Group; 3.Worship (sermons); 4.Educational

The main page for Restoring The Core’s Year of Biblical Literacy  supplies details on how each level works. Links to numerous resources for each level can be found at the Resources page. You can find the readings, Psalms and videos for the week hyper-linked under the Menu tab “Year of Biblical Literacy” and then “Map to the Weekly Readings.”

It is my prayer that you will join us in this quest to engage further with Scripture. Whether you are a seasoned reader of many years of taking in the Bible or are rather new to it, I believe that all of us can benefit by this deeper interaction with the Bible, the very Word of God.

The “Call to Action” is in both audio form as Episode 102 but is also available here in transcript form as a pdf as well as at the Call To Action page.

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