21 Centuries of Quotes in 21 Days – Fifth Century


augustine-of-hippo-570x343Today’s quote is from one of the most influential theologians in church history.

“Do not be afraid to throw yourself on the Lord! He will not draw back and let you fall! Put your worries asdie and throw yourself on him; He will welcome you and heal you.” Augustine, Bishop of Hippo


Excerpt from “The City of God” by Augustine, Bishop of Hippo

Augustine by CarpaccioThis minisode features a sample of text written in the early 5th century by Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, in north Africa. The text which is read is from Book 19 Chapter 20 of “The City of God.”

In this rather massive book, written after the Visigoths sacked Rome in 410 A.D., Augustine makes the case that the abandonment of the old Roman gods did not lead to this crisis. Rather, Augustine contrasts the City of Man (Earthly ways of conducting life) with the City of God (Heavenly ways of conducting life).

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The Canons of the Council of Orange

Council of OrangeIn Episode 44, we will discuss the findings of the Council of Orange, held in 529 AD, and its relevance to our Christian lives today.

A link to the full list of the Canons of the Council of Orange can be found here.


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