21 Quotes from 21 Centuries – 11th Century

st-symeon-the-new-theologian-2Day 11 of the march through church history. Our quote from the 11th century comes from one of the most highly respected theologians in the Eastern Orthodox church.

“Let us flee from the deceit of life and its supposed happiness and run to Christ alone, who is the Savior of souls. Him let us endeavor to find Who is present everywhere, and when we have found Him let us hold Him fast and fall at His feet (cf. Mt. 28:9) and embrace them in the fervor of our souls.”   Simeon the New Theologian

21 Quotes from 21 Centuries – 10th Century

Hrotsvitha_of_GandersheimOur march through church history takes us to Gandersheim in the modern Lower Saxony in Germany. There we find Hrotsvitha, a member of the religious community at the Benedictine abbey. This tenth century woman is the first known playwright in Christian-era Europe. Her efforts were directed at writing plays similar in style to the old Roman plays but with a Christian difference.

Hrotsvitha wrote about her talents as a poet and playwright in the following quote:

“…this alone I strive for with humble and devoted heart /—even if aptitude is
lacking on my part—/ that I may return the gift I received to its Giver again. /
For I am not such a lover of myself nor so vain / that in order to avoid censure
I would refrain / from preaching Christ’s glory and strength as it works
through His saints to the extent He grants me the ability to do so.”


21 Quotes from 21 Centuries – 9th Century

In ourJohannes-Scotus-Eriugena march through church history, March 9th means we have arrived at the 9th century.

‘Christ wears “two shoes” in the world: scripture and nature. Both are necessary to understand the Lord, and at no stage can creation be seen as a separation of things from God.’  Johannes Scotus Eriugena


21 Centuries of Quotes in 21 Days – Seventh Century


Isaac The SyrianThe following quote is from Isaac the Syrian, a 7th century saint honored by the Eastern Orthodox:

“I beg and beseech you, Lord: grant to all who have gone astray a true knowledge of you, so that each and every one may come to know your glory.”

Isaac the Syrian also known as Isaac of Nineveh

21 Centuries of Quotes in 21 Days – Sixth Century


Benedict of NursiaThe quote for today is from Benedict of Nursia, who is widely regarded as the father of western Christian monasticism.

“Almighty God, give me wisdom to perceive You, intelligence to understand You, diligence to seek You, patience to wait for You, eyes to behold You, a heart to meditate upon You and life to proclaim You, through the power of the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”
Benedict of Nursia